Open video, now remixable

Since the movement for free, open web video began around 2005, a number of companies and projects have emerged which are tackling the issue of HTML5-accessible open web video with a growing body of tools for capture, editing and publishing. Some of this number are listed here:

  • One of Mozilla’s family of projects is “Web Made Movies“, a project encompassing a number of web-based applications, such as Popcorn.js, which allow for the remixing of video playback to incorporate synchronized web elements, among other features. It has been extolled and used by such names as Jonathan McIntosh, who achieved fame through his “Right Wing Donald Duck” parody of media personality Glenn Beck.
  • Another is Kaltura, an Israeli startup which has partnered with such clientele as the Wikimedia Foundation to provide a better, HTML5-based web video player for articles on the Foundation’s projects, such as Wikipedia.
  • Google, of course, has made huge strides toward the promotion of open web video with WebM, utilizing its Google Chrome browser and Android operating system as leverage for open standards against competing, non-supportive browsers (including Internet Explorer – until version 9 – and Safari).
  • Opera was the first browser to support HTML5 video, and was eventually joined by Mozilla and Google in eventual succession.

While the ecosystem for HTML5-based video and free, native web-accessible codecs is still young and under construction, it promises to increase from strength to strength as better, more attractive applications of HTML5 continue to bud forth.


Author: Harry Underwood

Website designer, blogger. Columbus, GA. #LGBT #p2 #wordpress

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