Idea: An Interfaith Radio Network

From my end, interfaith multireligious broadcasting seems an extremely-distant, small-scale phenomenon.

But interfaith broadcasting is something that I sometimes wish was more of a force in U.S. society. Right now, literacy in the diversity of religions and religious history is important, and we are ill-served in this respect by religious media. This illiteracy manifests in the militant ignorance of not only politicians, and not only political activists, but also religious parishioners themselves.

When politicians and political activists talk of representing “people of faith” (a controversial nomer if I’ve ever seen one), how many people of another faith do they claim to represent in the voicing of perceived public concerns? Do they really know that many people of faiths other than their own? Or are they projecting only parishioners of the same or similar faith as the only “people of faith” for whom they really assert representation?

Are they really aware of the diversity of religions out there? Are those parishioners also “people of faith” in their eyes?

We need literacy, we need exposure, and we need to be challenged in our assumptions about the world. And current major religious media outlets do none of the above.

We need interfaith radio. Multi religious, liberal and with a taste for social justice and comparative analysis, but also willing to expose the religious and their ideological intricacies to each other. Through this, starting with a (hypothetical) interfaith radio network, I hope that more people will be able to assume less and learn more about the world around them.

Right now, however, there are only a few interfaith or intervalues series, many of them merely podcasts:


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