Merged another blog into this one

I realize that maintaining a separate personal blog apart from BigMinds Media would be a bit redundant. Granted, I know that importing a personal blog into this one will result in a greater variety of topics to cover, and that it may be distracting to readers, but I think I’m OK with that.

BigMinds will become a personal blog + portfolio, more frequently updated with the widest-possible variety of topics imaginable: Secularity, tech, LGBT, politics, feminism, science, films and books, family, health, events, and so on.

Pretty much, this will become an experiment in maintaining an online presence outside of (not separate from) Facebook, Twitter and G+. A space that I can call my own and can import to my own site in the future.

I use to blog at LiveJournal in the 2000s, and that blog documents a lot of my life during that time, even though I’m reluctant to import those posts to this blog due to some of the embarrassing stuff I posted at that time. Maybe a few will be imported in the future, but not at the moment.

But for now, BigMinds will serve a greater duty for me and for my portfolio as well.


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