Modular mobile devices: Just make one already!

Watching Marques Brownlee review the concept of Phonebloks and modular smartphones in this video from last year, I became a bit depressed about the facts which would severely curtail any corporate interest in modular smartphones. That said, even if Brownlee is correct on how the market is not available for modular, easily-disassemblable smartphones, I think the focus for fully-modular mobile hardware – specifically the Phonebloks concept that is now known as Google’s Project Ara – should move to larger form factors such as tablets.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a thick-set, heavy tablet. I only want to see a mobile device which has enough space for me to replace parts such as the camera, the screen, the accelerometer, etc.



Author: Harry Underwood

Website designer, blogger. Columbus, GA. #LGBT #p2 #wordpress

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