Black women and feminism in Brazil: the intersections of racial and gender inequality

Black Women of Brazil

Brazil Obama Effect

Note from BW of Brazil: Black women in Brazil face and continue to face a number of issues that point to Brazil’s vast social inequalities. Unsafe abortions, racism, loss of their children due to everyday violence and police brutality, lack of health care, income inequality, invisibility and stereotyping in the media and many more issues. As such, many black women who become conscious of the cross sections of discrimination based on gender turn to the feminist movement to fight back and gain their rightful place that society owes them only to find that within the feminist movement, among white women, they come across the specificities of race that white women often simply don’t know how to deal with. In the piece below, Bianca Santana touches upon many of these issues that have been covered consistently here at BW of Brazil. 

Black women and feminism in Brazil

By Bianca Santana

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