Make the Minimum Wage a Living Wage

I agree with this:

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During his State of the Union Address to Congress on February 12, 2013, President Obama stated,“Tonight, let’s declare that, in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty – and raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour.”

The idea that people working full time should not have to live in poverty is not new. It has been put forth for many years, including by FDR. President Obama went on further to say, “Let’s tie the minimum wage to the cost of living, so that it finally becomes a wage you can live on.” This approach of using automatic cost-of-living-adjustments has been in place for Social Security benefits for years, and negates the necessity to pass new laws every time the minimum wage becomes so outdated in purchasing power that it is no longer a living wage.

If the…

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Gay Activism and the Christian Persecution Complex: Ducking Responsibility

Relevant in light of the Houston right-wing pastors’ freak-out against Mayor Annise Parker.

The Propaganda Professor

Duck Dynasty - A&E

By now you’ve surely heard more than you ever, ever wanted to hear about the whole Duck Dynasty flap (if you live in The United States). But chances are you haven’t heard anything at all about the important lessons to be learned from it. So here are a few observations for your consideration.

1. Disapproval is NOT censorship.

It’s become an automatic response of anyone on the receiving end of a backlash for expressing bigotry or general idiocy to say, “Hey, you’re trying to censor me”. Or “you’re trying to suppress my First Amendment rights.”  Poppycock, horsefeathers, balderdash and codswallop.

Duck Dynasty’s head  mallard, Phil Robertson, expressed his mind (such as it is) and nobody tried to stop him. GLAAD and A&E expressed their disapproval. All were perfectly within their constitutional rights.  So was the network’s decision to suspend Robertson temporarily while they reassessed their relationship with him.

The constitutional…

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Australian Opposition Leader gives the business to right-wing Christian lobby

Amazing speech. And its not just because he directly supports marriage equality in his speech. Or the fact that he said this in front of the right-wing, anti-gay Australian Christian Lobby. Or the fact that he quotes MLK and JFK. Or that he directly addresses income inequality and cuts in foreign aid. YES.

via Bill Shorten speech to the Australian Christian Lobby 2014 Conference – YouTube.


Gizmodo reviews the fictional city of San Fransokyo for “Big Hero 6”

The original comic took place in Tokyo, but to make it their own, Hall and Williams decided to set the story in a brand new yet familiar city, melding the original locale with a near-future San Francisco. “It’s a very high-tech city that blends Eastern and Western culture, so we wanted it to be a mashup, just like the movie is a mashup between Disney and Marvel,” says Hall.

The resulting animated metropolis—which truly is its own character in the film, although people say that a lot—is a celebration of futuristic urban life and the high-tech culture that drives its residents. And it’s brought to life thanks to several new animation technologies developed in-house by Disney itself.

via A Tour of ‘San Fransokyo,’ the Hybrid City Disney Built for Big Hero 6.

I’m rather enamored of the trailers, and the city looks freaking amazing so far. I want to see it.

UNT Opens Gender-Neutral Restrooms Across Campus

A room for everyone else.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The University of North Texas is taking a step toward equality and making life easier for transgender students on campus at the same time.

Several public restrooms on the UNT campus will now be gender-neutral. There are already a number of the restrooms in residence dorms, but now a plan is in place to expand them into common areas.

When asked why the changes were happening, university administrators said they are trying to reflect on and meet the needs of their students.

A.J. Aguinaga is a senior at UNT and identifies as a transsexual male. The LGBT activist says identifying with another gender also means preparing for frequent harassment. “It’s a lot of stares or a lot of inappropriate questions. There are a lot of micro-aggressions that are happening.”

Aguinaga says the harassment happens almost every time when using a public restroom…

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ALEC: Church activists are hurting us. Make them stop

ALEC doesn’t seem to like religious activists when they protest against their rhetoric and policies.

Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

ALECvUUThe conservative political Goliath known as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) may have met its David in the guise of Unitarian-Universalists and other progressives. ALEC has been wounded not with a sling and stone, but knowledge and organized financial pressure on its corporate backers.

On October 17, ALEC sent a fundraising  email to its members and supporters that starts off:

“Professional activists ranging from Common Cause to the Unitarian Universalist Church just won’t stop. As part of their misleading smear campaign, these activist groups demand members stop working with ALEC.”

It sounds, almost, unfair. “Professional activists” picking on poor ALEC.

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