Shouldn’t this be a call for a new sect of Islam?

That is part of the problem. We have a lot of politicians who are simply unable to understand what exactly is going on here. But in future we will hopefully have other politicians, and a generation of Muslims who are sick of constantly being the victims of radicalism. This sort of process starts in the schools, then extends to politics, and then it becomes part of the inner-Muslim debate. That’s the only way we can achieve our goals. Admittedly, I don’t see any great chance for this right now, but we can’t give up! We have to carry on and continue to give young people alternatives.

Mr. Mansour, there are Muslims who are carrying out liberal Islam in their lives, not just in the US but also in France. You should look at their work, perhaps for your country. Someone will benefit.

via ′There is no alternative to a reform of Islam′ | Germany | DW.DE | 16.10.2014.


Author: Harry Underwood

Website designer, blogger. Columbus, GA. #LGBT #p2 #wordpress

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