The Dilemma of Thanksgiving Grace for Religious Naturalists

A perspective on how to unawkwardly approach Thanksgiving as a religious naturalist.

Humanistic Paganism

Ah, those warm, comforting memories of Thanksgivings spent with family. … Or, are they sometimes not so blissful? Like when the family meal starts with a request that we all pray about Jesus’ blood?  If that sounds familiar, you may enjoy this short video by John Cleland Host.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

And here’s a simple grace that John Halstead says with his family:

We thank the earth in which the seed did grow.
We thank the hands that the seed did sow.
We thank the sky which gave us rain.
We thank the sun whose rays give us gain.
We thank the hands that this meal did prepare.
To live in honor of these gifts is our prayer.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends!

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Author: Harry Underwood

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