Secret societies & social justice: Knights of Tabor

The Knights of Tabor, an African-American fraternal organization, had an interesting history.

Part Of The Solution

Jasper Wilcox

The Knights of Tabor were founded in Independence, Missouri in 1872 by an African-American philanthropist named Moses Dickson. Dickson had long been a member in good standing of the Prince Hall Freemasons (African-American Freemasons).

Reverend Moses Dickson_thumb[3]

Although the International Order of Twelve: of Knights and Daughters of Tabor (their official name) was technically founded in 1872 the true history (as alleged by Dickson himself) is much more interesting. Dickson gives his account in his own history of the Knights of Tabor. The Order went through three major evolutions. The first order, the Knights of Liberty were founded in 1846, the second order, the Order of Twelve in 1855 and the Knights of Tabor (which still exists today) in 1872.

Moses Dickson was born free (well, you know…) “…in Ohio, April 5th, 1824.” His whole family died (or something) and he became a barber and traveled to the south when he…

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