Serenata Immortale

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This is something that I have come across which was gifted to me from a friend and has inspired me immensely.  The music is quite powerful, and I had always seen it as an omen that this perfect example of my musical taste had come into my life.  This evening, I found this recording after forgetting about it for a long time, and decided to look up the lyrics.  Having now read them, I understand why I always felt this piece of music to be an omen.

And, to anyone who actually reads this blog, even looking forward to new writings, bear with me.  I am transitioning greatly in my life at the moment and I am practicing silence (somewhat) in working to understand it.

Serenata Immortale

Music and Lyrics by The Immediate

La flama fortuna                                            The fortune of burning love
La terra murmure                                         …

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Church Shuts Down Funeral, Forces Family To Remove Woman’s Casket Because She Was Gay (VIDEO)

Disgusting. Not surprising, but disgusting.

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The family of Vanessa Collier was saddened and shocked when her funeral was cut short because of her sexual orientation.

Collier’s friends and family gathered at the New Hope Ministries in Lakewood, Colorado to honor the mother of two – who may have committed suicide – on Saturday. When pictures were displayed of Collier and her wife, Pastor Ray Chavez ordered the photos to be removed and taken down from a slideshow that was playing at the memorial.

Chavez stopped the service 15 minutes in, making mourners gather photos, flowers and even the 33-year-old’s casket and take the service to a church across the street. According to the Denver Post:

A representative for New Hope Ministries declined to comment before hanging up on a Denver Post reporter on Tuesday. A biography on the church website says Chavez founded the ministry in 1981 with his wife, Lola. It says the church…

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Firefox 35 Launches With Simplified Hello Video Chat Service

So we’re finally making videoconferencing a truly cross-platform thing? Cool! #Firefox


Mozilla today launched the latest version of Firefox — that’s version 35 if you are still keeping track. Besides numerous minor updates, including support for MP4 video on OS X Snow Leopard, Firefox now features a simplified version of the free WebRTC-based Firefox Hello video chat service.

Just like before, you can start these plugin-free video chats by sharing an automatically generated link with whoever you want to talk to or by using the contacts from your Firefox account to start calls. Before, you had to sit and wait for your contact to join the room. Your contacts can be on Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Now, a small window with a self-view pops up and you can continue to surf the Web until your contact joins the call. It’s a small but welcome change for those who regularly use Firefox Hello.

Firefox-HelloOver time, Mozilla wants to expand this project to also…

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Turkey’s first and only queer film festival to kick off for the 4th time

#Turkey #QueerFest #LGBT


Pink Life QueerFest will kick off tomorrow in Ankara for the 4th time. Having started its journey in 2011, the first and only queer film festival in Turkey will also have a 3-day-long screening in Istanbul this year in collaboration with Baska Sinema.

Source: Ömer Akpınar, “Turkey’s first and only queer film festival to kick off for the 4th time”,, 14 January 2015,

Pink Life Queer Film Festival poster

Festival director Bilge Tas has a lot of experience organizing film festivals but she says organizing a queer film festival is much more difficult: “Because you cannot make use of state or local funds.”

However, Tas feels glad not to feel “the shadow of state” over the festival:

“The more support you get from the state, the more suitable it will be for your manners to speak from the mouth of state and to reflect what it says.”

Queer films will be shown in…

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Duke Researchers Create Artificial Human Muscles



As a representative of M.U.S.C.L.E., I find artificial muscles a bit unseemly. However, researchers at Duke University have been able to grow their own twitching tissue, a first that could allow researchers to test drugs on working muscle without damaging a live host.

From the release:

 In a laboratory first, Duke researchers have grown human skeletal muscle that contracts and responds just like native tissue to external stimuli such as electrical pulses, biochemical signals and pharmaceuticals.”The beauty of this work is that it can serve as a test bed for clinical trials in a dish,” said Bursac. “We are working to test drugs’ efficacy and safety without jeopardizing a patient’s health and also to reproduce the functional and biochemical signals of diseases — especially rare ones and those that make taking muscle biopsies difficult.”

Interestingly there is no mention here of using these tiny bits of working…

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Worker Cooperatives vs. Traditional Hierarchical Organizations

On Worker-Owned Co-ops (like Publix!):

Rcooley123's Blog

Worker cooperatives, where the workers are also owners of a company, may be an effective way to counter the trend towards large, multinational corporations which have resulted in the enormous degree of economic inequality currently plaguing our economy. The idea of continuing to follow a business model with a multinational hierarchical structure easily lends itself to greater degrees of income inequality and a sense of powerlessness on the job for many at the lower end of the hierarchy. It also tends to lead to behaviors on the part of the few at the top of the hierarchy that further exacerbate the problems of an already unequal distribution of wealth, and of tax avoidance that enables the sort of tax avoidance strategies that have become apparent and more blatant on the part of corporations and wealthy individuals in recent years.By enabling this sort of behavior, society is allowing some of its…

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