A cross-continental black sisterhood rekindled

A Black American (daughter of Muhammad Ali), a Black Briton (Los Angeles Times video journalist) and a Black Russian (former Russian television presenter of African-American descent) – all journalists – meet again at the Los Angeles Times. The African Diaspora in its complexity:


by Ann Simmons

Almost 30 years ago, while I was a college student pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Russian and Norwegian, one of my summer jobs involved escorting American high school students on tours of the former Soviet Union and Scandinavia. The students were mainly juniors and seniors from schools across the United States.

I would meet the students in Helsinki, Finland, and eventually we would take a ferry across the Gulf of Finland to Leningrad, now called St. Petersburg, in Russia. An official Russian “Intourist” guide would meet us there. This was the normal practice for foreigners, and in particular Westerners, visiting the Cold War-era U.S.S.R. So I was essentially the Western liaison (some would say chaperone) between the students and the guide.

Simmons, Ali, KhangaBriton Ann Simmons met American Maryum Ali and Yelena Khanga, a Russian, 30 years ago in Moscow, Russia. They never expected they would ever all see each…

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