Serenata Immortale

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This is something that I have come across which was gifted to me from a friend and has inspired me immensely.  The music is quite powerful, and I had always seen it as an omen that this perfect example of my musical taste had come into my life.  This evening, I found this recording after forgetting about it for a long time, and decided to look up the lyrics.  Having now read them, I understand why I always felt this piece of music to be an omen.

And, to anyone who actually reads this blog, even looking forward to new writings, bear with me.  I am transitioning greatly in my life at the moment and I am practicing silence (somewhat) in working to understand it.

Serenata Immortale

Music and Lyrics by The Immediate

La flama fortuna                                            The fortune of burning love
La terra murmure                                         …

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