Paranoia Agent: Strongest

Misae Ikari, the wife of Detective Keiichi Ikari, delivers the most powerful speech of the entire series of the anime series Paranoia Agent, and somewhat foreshadowed the series creator’s own unsuccessful fight with cancer. There are few character speeches or monologues in #anime which I would recommend for reading and inspiration, but Misae’s monologue is a beautiful testament to the gift of life.

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Management: While my opinion of the show is generally positive overall, this essay, by no means, is meant to serve as a comprehensive review, but rather, as an articulation and analysis of some of what I feel is this series’ most integral and interesting themes. This essay, in particular, is about Episode 11 of Paranoia Agent, “No Entry,” though it does contain some elements of Episode 13, “The Final Episode,” towards the end.

Paranoia Agent 8

“Paranoia” is a term that could be described as seeing daggers in shadows where there are none. It’s a mental state where minor suspicion of the intentions of people and things, whether or not those people actually know who you are and whether or not those things are actually sentient, degrades to the point to a neurotic obsession. It becomes a plot against your life, a conspiracy where certain people, certain things, or all people and all things, are out to get…

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Finding Lil’ B

August 26, 11:28 pm: “I’ve never listened to anything by Lil’ B as of yet. I don’t know why he’s famous or why people call themselves Based God. I’m about to start listening now.”

August 27, 12:08pm: I’m feeling this track, “The Age of Information”. Interesting cutback to techno-utopianism.


A Perfect Day at the Afropunk Festival

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Countdown to 70

We all have our version of what constitutes a perfect day. That image can change given where we are in our life at any given time. Since I’m  committed to logging at least 10,000 steps daily,  a perfect day for me is sharing an active outdoor adventure somewhere visually interesting with people I love. With that as the criteria, Saturday was a perfect day. I went to the Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn with my friends Ruth LaFerla and Deb Mitchell.

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It came about by accident. Ruth and I had gone to the movies on Friday night. She told me she was going to the festival the next day for a story she was going to write for the New Yorks Times style section where she has worked for the last 15 years. When she heard me gasp, she asked if I wanted to come…

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