On the lies of “black genocide”

Christian anti-abortion folks who harp about a “black genocide” are some of the most uncaring, hard-hearted, shame-projecting liars.

* As if any of them care one bit about AfAm women’s lives, equities or freedoms as much as their uteri.
* As if any of them care that the fetuses which develop into infants will grow up into less-than-desirable AfAm women and men.
* As if specifically *our lives* matter to the anti-abortion activists.
* As if any of these activists think of AfAm women outside of the “welfare queen” “poppin’ out babies” stereotype.
* As if any of these activists consider that birth control, condoms and other tools of hygiene should receive more investment and less demonization.
* As if any of them are not the ick-attracted authoritarian jackasses who never offer solutions beyond “ban abortion” and “make sex sacred”.
* As if you care much about the growth of the AfAm population for as long as abortion has been legal in this country, but that’s an inconvenient truth which disrupts your feigned “black genocide” martyrdom.

Seriously, I wonder why the Southern Baptists ever allied with you lying jackasses after their racist hissy-fit over integration. But you lie about a lot of things to get your ban in place, especially about AfAm women, their bodies and the women and men who love both. You are as fake as the Exodus, Willie Lynch, the “War on Christmas” and American exceptionalism.

We won’t live by your savior narrative. Look at yourself, and say no to #misogynoir‬.



Author: Harry Underwood

Website designer, blogger. Columbus, GA. #LGBT #p2 #wordpress

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