Segregation now, segregation forever, declare Red Pill Redditors


we hunted the mammoth

Mighty white of you (Screenshot from University of Alabama's Alpha Phi recruitment video.) Mighty white of you (Screenshot from University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi recruitment video.)

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Yet another reminder that Red Pillers aren’t just insufferable misogynists; they also tend to be racist as hell.

For proof, look no further than this comment from a TOP ENDORSED COMMENTER in the Red Pill subreddit with dozens of upvotes. The topic at hand: that video from a virtually all-white University of Alabama sorority that looked a bit like a recruitment video for the Stepford Wives.

Naturally, the Red Pillocks love the video, especially its unbearable whiteness of being. Don’t cut yourself on the “edgy” racism below.

FLFTW16 31 points 5 days ago ANY group that racially segregates formally or informally has my support. Our liberties are being attacked and chipped away so they must be defended at every opportunity. One fundamental liberty is the freedom of association. Be friends with whomever you wish. Whites are more comfortable around other whites. Newsflash! Blacks have black only fraternities and sororities. Hell they even have black only universities. They self-segregate because it gives them an advantage. Latinos do the same. Some of you might not know this but there are Jewish fraternities as well. There are also what one might call "One percent-er" fraternities, such as Skull and Bones. The rich and powerful prefer to associate with the rich and powerful, so they have barriers of entry that prevent poor losers from gaining access. That's their privilege and liberty and it must be defended. Sheboons and femtards want to gain access so they can do what sheboons and femtards always do: shit all over the place. The only people who protest this group are people so pathetic and malformed that no self-respecting social group would accept them. They are so disgusted by each other that they don't even want to form their own group of outcasts, they prefer to just fling poo at the pretty white girls for being too pretty and too white.

Hey Reddit, you know you can just ban blatant racism. There’s no rule saying you have to provide a platform for the world’s worst shitheads.

Oh, wait, I…

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