A Racial “Crystal Gems test”

I was reading locuas642′s Crystal Gems omnibus test for representation of women, and thought back to proposals for Racial Bechdel(-Wallace) tests.

Deggans’ rule recommends the following:

  1. At least two non-white human characters in the main cast…
  2. …in a show that’s not about race.

Alaya Dawn Johnson’s test goes like this:

  1. It has to have two POC in it,
  2. Who talk to each other,
  3. About something other than a white person.

Ars Marginal posted the following test:

  1. At least one named character of color,
  2. Whose primary trait is not their race,
  3. Who does something important besides help a White person.

I also have an interest in whether such a character has a narrative arc of their own, as well as pushing the discussion beyond just 1 or two POC characters in a cast. Some who have discussed the Mako Mori test have criticized how the test is not usually utilized in relation to Mako Mori being a POC character as well as a woman. Basically, I would like to see the conversation about POC in fiction be elevated beyond mere quantity of representation to include the quality of representation.

So here’s my draft of a Racial Crystal Gems test:

  1. A work must have at least four POC characters.
  2. It must pass Deggans’ Rule;
  3. It must pass Alaya Dawn Johnson’s Racial Bechdel-Wallace test;
  4. It must pass the Ars Marginal test;
  5. At least one POC must have a narrative arc of their own, which is not about supporting a white person (literally the racial Mako Mori test);
  6. At least one POC must be meaningful enough to the plot that removing the character would have a significant effect.
  7. Each [major POC] character must pass at least one of these tests, and each test must be passed by at least one [major POC] character; the more times you can repeat the previous step, the better.

Kim Davis Jailed for Contempt; Deputies Now Issuing ALL Marriage Licenses in Rowan County, KY

Pink Peach News

Yesterday, Kim Davis was arrested by order of Eastern District Federal Judge David L. Bunning on charges of contempt of court. This happened after the Rowan County Attorney told Kentucky Trial Court Review that “deputy clerks would issue lawful marriage licenses. They are simply afraid to do so. And if Judge Bunning instructs them to do so . . . they will.”

Among LGBT supporters and external observers, the reaction was a mix of schadenfreude, legal reminders and post-event frustration.

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Films which have passed both the Bechdel and Mako Mori Tests

This is an ongoing list of films which I’ve found to have passed both Bechdel and Mako Mori tests. I’m interested in seeing what films can pass a higher threshold like the combination of both tests. I’ll add more later.


  • Mad Max: Fury Road (as stated here)


  • DaawateIshq


2012 (as stated here)

  • The Hunger Games
  • Brave
  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Snow White and the Huntsman
  • Prometheus
  • Zero Dark Thirty
  • This is 40
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Underworld: Awakening
  • Titanic (Imax 3D)
  • The Devil Inside
  • The Possession
  • Beauty and the Beast 3D
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • Resident Evil: Retribution
  • Cabin in the Woods
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting
  • Rock of Ages
  • Step Up: Revolution
  • Joyful Noise
  • The Dark Knight Rises


  • Exam


  • I Can’t Think Straight


  • Alien vs. Predator