Elections with Two Female Candidates

I’m reading about the upcoming Taiwanese presidential election, pitting two women against each other from the two largest parties in the Republic of China and ensuring that Taiwan’s next president will be a woman. Given that we have two presidential candidates running for their respective parties’ nomination (Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina), I’m trying to build a list of women who have ran against each other in U.S. elections. The list is in its early stages:

  • Dianne Feinstein (D) vs. Elizabeth Emken (R) (U.S. Senate for California, 2012)
  • Barbara Boxer (D) vs. Carly Fiorina (R) (U.S. Senate for California, 2010; also with women from Libertarian and Peace & Freedom parties)
  • Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) vs. Alieta Eck (R) (U.S. House for New Jersey, 2014)
  • Patty Murray (D) vs. Linda Smith (R) (U.S. Senate for Washington, 1998
  • Margaret Chase Smith (R) vs. Lucia Cormier (D) (U.S. Senate for Maine, 1960)

List of Late-Night Talk Shows Ever Hosted by Women

After reading about the all-male Vanity Fair profile of late-night talk show hosts, and reading about how upcoming talk show host (and Daily Show alum) Samantha Bee criticized the profile, I looked at the full list of all late-night series ever hosted on American television to find just how many have been hosted by women.

This is quite a glass ceiling. Most series hosted by women, usually veterans of stand-up comedy, have been cancelled within two seasons or less, with the exception of Chelsea Handler’s multi-season run on E! Network. And this is out over a hundred or more series hosted over the decades by men. Here’s the full list:

  • Joan Rivers (The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, 1986-1987)
  • Dr. Ruth Westheimer (Ask Dr. Ruth, 1987)
  • Whoopi Goldberg (The Whoopi Goldberg Show, 1992-1993)
  • Stacy London (Fashionably Late with Stacy London, 2007)
  • Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately, 2007-2014)
  • Wanda Sykes (The Wanda Sykes Show, 2009-2010)
  • Mo’Nique (The Mo’Nique Show, 2009-2011)
  • Kathy Griffin (Kathy!, 2012-2013)
  • Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer (Nikki and Sara Live!, 2013)
  • Grace Helbig (The Grace Helbig Show, 2015-)
  • Samantha Bee (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, 2016-)

Oregon: A State for Women

Two things I noticed today:

I find it gratifying that women in Oregon are making such strides, particularly to enshrine such “equality under the law” on the basis of sex into their constitution.

Unfortunately, even after the unsuccessful fight for the federal ERA in the 1970s and after so long since the Nineteenth Amendment’s passage in 1920, these 22 states (and their various extensions of protection from mere employment to full equality under the law) stand alone out of so many states which have not constitutionally-enshrined gender anti-discrimination law. We don’t have such protection which could greatly benefit the future of half the U.S. population enshrined into the majority of constitutional documents in this country.

Why can’t we in the other 28 states spell out equality in the sexes to our states’ residents through the second highest laws of our states? Why are we so reticent to spell out gender equality? Do we even believe in the government recognizing our equality, or are we still ruled by people who represent the interests and privileges of half the population of our states?

And then we wonder why New Hampshire can’t bring forward a constitutional amendment to define equality for all sexual orientations?

Our collective mindset is our most potent enemy. We must change that mindset at all levels.

Congrats to Oregon and Gov. Kate Brown!